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A Trusted Medicaid CDPAP Agency In New York

Hire a family member or friend to care for you.

Funded by Medicaid, Marton Care® allows people to choose who provides their care. Hire a family member or friend to care for you and they’ll get paid. Get started today.
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#1 CDPAP Agency In New York

Are you on Medicaid, live in New York, and need help with things like bathing, transportation, or other daily activities? Would you like to have someone you know and trust assist you in your own home at no cost to you?

Well, you may qualify for a Medicaid program called CDPAP that was developed to help New Yorkers just like you. If you qualify, Medicaid will pay a caregiver of your choice to come to your home. At Marton Care®, we'll guide you through the process, making it easy to get the help you need.
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Hire a family member or friend to care for you in New York

At Marton Care®, we empower seniors and individuals with disabilities by blending professional assistance with CDPAP home care.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of care recipients and caregivers alike, fostering dignity, independence, and quality of life through our CDPAP program.

Why Choose MartonCare® CDPAP in New York?

Hundreds of families work with Marton Care® CDPAP home care caregivers for exceptional care. Our caregivers get paid weekly, and our clients get the most personalized care. Choosing Marton Care® means choosing an environment of love, respect, passion, and personalized care.
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Best-in-Class Home Care In New York

Services | Marton Care

Remain in full control of your well-being by directing your own care.

Services | Marton Care
Peace of Mind

Hire only trusted caregivers you already know and trust.

Services | Marton Care
Exceptional Care

Receive assistance from a loved one who really cares.

Services | Marton Care
Support your Family

Provide a weekly salary to your chosen caregiver.

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Social Support

Spend quality time with social companionship you enjoy.

Services | Marton Care

The best care comes from loved ones.

What Our Happy Clients Say

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"Personal service, very professional, detail oriented, knowledgable and caring."
Yanky Follman, Brooklyn
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