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Marton Care® is a Home Care Fiscal Intermediary serving NYS with the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)
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History of Marton Care®

Aaron Weiss from Brooklyn, NY, was a widower and old age had caused him not to be self-sufficient anymore. The once vibrant, young, and energetic Aaron needed lots of help with basic daily chores. Although the patriarch of a large family with many grandchildren, Aaron was very finicky on who should assist him and how. He wanted, and deserved, only the best care. Day after day, different grandchildren came to assist him and tried to meet his many demanding needs.
Hershy Marton, one of his grandchildren, started assisting Aaron with much patience and tender loving care.  Very pleased with Hershy’s assistance, Aaron  asked Hershy to move in with him so he can have Hershy around more and enjoy the comfort of Hershy’s top-notch care. Hershy did so gladly.
Albeit Hershy was eager and inclined to help his dear grandfather the most possible, it was a battle for him being that Hershy was in school most of the day. He was trying to juggle staying focused on his studies as well as doing some things on the side to put away money towards college. Of course, the more Aaron aged, the harder it got on Hershy to assist him while juggling everything else in his life.
Hershy was at the brink of giving up and then one day he discovered the CDPAP program that would make it possible for him to get paid for the loving devotion and assistance he was giving his grandfather. Hershy started getting paid and in addition to himself he signed up some other grandchildren so they would also be able to get paid for assisting and be more motivated to help out their grandfather.
From then on Aaron  was on the CDPAP program. A short while later, when Hershy left his grandfather’s house for college overseas and tearfully left behind his grandfather who he shared a special bond with, he left with a lighter heart knowing that there were motivated workers that would assist his frail grandfather. Whenever Hershy came home from college for breaks, he always went back to assist Aaron in every way.
Hershy Marton, understanding the needs of the elderly or disabled and its caregivers, and feeling passionate about it, founded Marton Care Inc. and is giving the best quality of service to all its clients so the elderly or disabled and their caregivers can get the top-notch Marton Care they need and deserve.